"So, is it safe?"

by Stacie Carter

Is Kids Toy Slime Safe?

Today’s kids, are way more adventurous and love to explore, which is a great trait for the analytical mind! Imagine, giving your child a few kitchen ingredients, some utensils, and they’ll be quiet for hours! Today, kids are able to get their hands on far less desirable products and as parents, let’s come clean here, we have been guilty or a little careless of not reading what a product contains and its safety implications. We’ll go to a toy shop, read the age limit, a job is done. But is Slime it really, that safe? Are we responsible for the product entirely or is the toy manufacturer at fault? Small print age limit and description labels on toy boxes can be immensely tiny to read, then why have they have them there in the first place? Obvious legality?

Do you remember the last time you saw that giant smile of satisfaction from your child after they made something spectacular? It’s fantastic, speechless and most of all priceless! Credit goes to you for seeing that! It’s an amazing feeling, and what’s more, they probably left you alone for some time as they got on with their little venture. So we focus on that fantastic smile of satisfaction, right? But, was it safe to make? Were there any accidents, and is the room a mess? These factors play on the back of every parent’s minds! I know it, I did it and I have friends, with kids, who do exactly the same! But when you’re focusing on that smile, the mess they’ve made and everything else seems to be forgotten.

Coming from a science background, it made it a little easier to notice the warning signs! Borax. The white powder stuff we use in Laundry cleaning, and the very mineral found on lake beds after evaporation. Yep, that’s the one. Seen as non-toxic, but at high levels, it’s a totally new story! Some parents and most kids don’t understand the idea of ‘concentration’ or ‘high-level’, can be extremely dangerous – Borax is safe to use for cleaning if used in a small amount, diluted to a high amount of water. If Borax is excessively high in concentration, it may open a Pandora’s Box of a whole variety of symptoms from:

  • Superficial Skin Rashes
  • Skin irritation
  • Eye Irritations
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • To even Respiratory problems

For me, as a person, this can be really concerning: High exposure to borax (and boric acid) has been known to disrupt the body’s hormones, impairing male reproduction, reducing sperm count and libido. The concerns of this kit didn’t stop here too. No goggles or hand protection, so where’s the safety in this product? I took this back to the supermarket retailer, but like some - met with, ‘You have to take this up with the manufacturer, as we only sell what we see as fit and safe for sale’. Ever been there? It makes you wonder how people take things responsibly. Retailers; wise up! The kit met its fate, and straight into the bin to be left with an upset ‘supergirl’ by my side. So we did our little research together, and found that there are plenty of ways to make slime and what caught my eye, was the Ted and the accidental slime - Series of books’

After being stung the first time, I wasn’t prepared to waste a penny more, but that curiosity always kicks in. As parents, we look for the DISCOUNT and GREAT OFFER’S and fortunately the kit set was an AFFORDABLE BARGAIN PRICE! I read around this book and decided to buy, but was it a wise choice? After a few days, it arrived. Verdict upon receiving?  It looked fine. It comes clear with instructions, goggles, gloves, and a safety sheet! The ingredients were large, clearly stating what they are and that safety is advised - that alone was IMPRESSIVE. So we built the slime and what was cleverer was the storybook that went alongside this. This one’s written in such a sincere simple way in which it lets you break down complex reading into simple parts and easy to understand and follow. Comes with a great Info-graphic poster, It’s not hard, and yet balanced with a challenge to a certain degree, with ‘real life’ situations and not talking onions!



There are so many good books out there, but they’re all the ‘same-colour-blue’ and this one STANDS OUT. It’s a biography about a little boy from a poor background called, ‘Ted’ and his adventures in science. Being ‘poor’ he experiences an impact with daily challenges he faces amongst the kids within his school. The beauty was that everything could be related to my little girl! Such a clever and unique idea and she took to the learning and had fun almost immediately. Really brings you and your kids together. Bonus, she didn’t watch television anymore, she wanted to read books, meaning a quiet yet exciting home for both of us!

Because the way in which the book is written - as a biography, it makes it unique and something 'really different' and can't be imitated. It's funny, yet straightforward. My girl wanted to read more about slime and polymers, so we researched with the famous Google and found out so much about safety. Even though I’ve been associated with the scientific community for many years, sometimes you can become over-familiar with simple everyday objects; I did know PVA contained pesticides but didn’t ‘click’! Shampoos may contain toxic and artificial fragrances, and yet as parents, we sometimes let our kids, just rock’n’roll and experiment with such products! This book was really really good, as it opened our eyes about the hidden dangers of ‘Kitchen-Science’ and a book you need to securely add to the collection above the legos!

Top Rated Slime for kids kit

Let me know what experience you’ve had with ‘toy slime’. Have you had the tearful task removing slime from the carpet? Is it really all that cut-out as it’s meant to be? 





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