Kids Slime the Latest Craze! Is it Safe?

by Lianne King

With the run-up to Christmas, as parents, we all know there’s one item on your kid’s list that’s most certainly replaced the fidget spinner, yes – Slime! Why? What’s so great about this gooey stuff and why the constant fascination? To some of us parents, this interest still remains and for kids, this squishy, soft polymer is just universally irresistible to avoid!

We Surveyed 50 parents. Here’s what we found

Are slime ingredients really that unsafe? 

So, your kids want slime?  We’ve separated the good from the bad.

So, let’s make SAFER SLIME for your Kids!  

by Payam on October 29, 2021

Very nice and informative read. It’s important to know what goes into products that children play with since some of it can be quite shocking – as shown in the article. I’m glad to see a company looking at the bigger picture when it comes to children’s education and entertainment. Whilst it’s easy to focus on which activities keep kids stimulated for longest, it takes a more thoughtful process to develop the most environmentally and biologically friendly type of these products

by Michael on October 29, 2021

Having worked in schools teaching a range of key stage 1 and 2 children, the very mention of making slime never fails to get a huge cheer from the whole class. Nothing is worse for young, intelligent children than being bored by education. Slime is a great way to get them involved and engaged in the topic at hand.

On the surface you don’t know what goes into making slime, it’s great to see that the research has been done and that there are safe and irritant free chemicals that can be used. Allowing children to get hands on, safely enabling their creative nature to flourish.

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