Introducing Electrical Science to kids, is shockingly amazing!

by Imran awan

“Would you trust your child with Electricity?”

Electrical science can be an amazing thing to get into. Passing an electrical current through a piece of laminated wire can induce a magnetic field, and winding the wire around a small iron nail can amplify the magnetic effect!  Get your kids to place a mechanical compass to the wire, and see the amazed look on their faces! All of this from a piece of wire, a battery, and a nail. The fact remains, kids are little explorers and love being inspired! 

Research shows, kids who outperform their peers tend to be those who come from backgrounds of critical thinking and problem-solving environments. Place a child near a box of old toys and legos, they'll be building something amazing and totally unique. Their imagination, inquisitiveness and their thought of reasoning start to run completely wild, as they begin thinking out the box. Kids building simple electrical circuit kits are similar to this rule and any child would love to build a working electrical kit! Ted and His Torch will guide your child with electrical demonstrations and hands-on experimenting with circuit designs. With hours of practical hands-on science fun alongside QnA sheet's, they’ll soon be taking on more facts of conductive and non-conductive materials.

Ted's books series on electricity range from simple conductivity 'build-kits', yet robust such as Ted and His Torch to more advanced storybook 'build-kits' like 'Ted's Electric Motor'!


Each series of Ted's electrical books is designed to demonstrate simple conductivity, the flow of electrons to more advanced practical’s such as magnetic and parallel circuits! The idea of kids learning the principals of simple circuit logic will allow them to expand on their reasoning and with our kits, complete with a project QnA sheet they want to explore even more. With very little additional equipment, it makes it affordable to you and priceless for your child. Ted’s Electrical science Books opens up a whole bloom of fun, facts, creative and inspiring hands-on activities which sets it apart to other kids science books which never ends!


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