'Acids and kids? Are you Crazy!'

by Lianne King

The Magic of Colour Science!

Like Marmite, you either love it OR you hate it. The fact is Red Cabbage is a super powerful wonder food which has so much to offer in both nutrition and research! This amazing natural wonder can visually show how biochemistry is all around us and the hidden properties of acids and bases, in such a fun and exciting way. I found this out both purely by chance and accident.

I used to enjoy watching dinner being prepared, especially the red cabbage salad. This distinctive, rich dark purple/red juice that stained the worktop surfaces, was about to show me how oblivious we can be to the science in our day to day lives. It was a ‘one-time’ accident with the vinegar being knocked, that the magic between Acid and Bases would happen before my eyes. The simple instantaneous colour change where the Vinegar touched this mighty Purple juice to a strong ‘Pinkish-Red was spectacular to see. So, what was going on? What’s inside both solutions, where the magic happens? These questions sparked my young mind which then led to my interest in the field of chemistry. Any Kid who experiences hands-on science is going to become far more curious and inquisitive; therefore they'll develop a natural love towards science. Science is fun, and in some cases misunderstood!

After my new found interest in colour science, it wasn’t long before I was given my first chemistry set, and in those days, chemistry sets had an attire of chemicals at anyone’s disposal. I remember distinctively experimenting from burning magnesium ribbon to handling chemicals. One particular day I had inadvertently knocked a small beaker containing Hydrogen Peroxide onto my fingers, and at that point, chemistry was to be taken seriously. Where it made contact, it bleached my fingers, and for a child that was frightening! Even though today’s chemistry sets are far safer with many dangerous chemicals being omitted, you can’t deny, they seem to lack something else that doesn’t make them so adventurous.

Do you remember your chemistry set, and was it fun?

As a phrmaceautical analyst myself, I know the cabbage experiment is a great way to get kids to understand not so much about quantitative but qualitative analysis. Here,  you can step out of the traditional chemistry sets, and get your children to experiment as close to the real world with realistic situations. Kitchen chemistry is amazing, but can be dangerous so there has to be a balance between what we can naturally find and apply this in a ‘real-life-science’ manner. Ted and his Magical Potions fits perfectly.


This unique kit is designed to allow them to step away from traditional chemistry kits and to interact with their friends to work as a team. Nothing comes closer than to go out and explore the world of chemistry around them. Simple products such as fruits, baking powder to soaps, really help your child understand the difference of Acids and bases using colour indicators, keeping them inspired, focused and open up their imagination to endless fun! The kit, complete with a chart and personal protective equipment allows your child to closely engage into one aspect, in the field of chemistry, just enough to inspire them in small stages!

Ted and His Magical Milk is a follow-on book series which demonstrates polar activity, movement, and interactions between colour, fat and detergent molecules. The way in which this book is written as an easy to understand manner allows kids to connect with Ted, and let him guide your child to the wonders of colour science in both a magical and an analytical manner. These kits come complete with personal protective equipment, so there’s no extra expense on additional equipment, other than to get involved and enjoy your time with your kids experimenting endlessly with you or their friends! BARGAIN!



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